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Face Recognition in 2022

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Even though Facial Recognition has been around as a biometric for more than 2 decades, its wide spread adoption was hampered by cost, accuracy, and mired in ethical issues .

Further, the accuracy level was low, which was a huge put off when needed to be used for critical use cases like verification. So it stayed mostly within Government agencies in areas such as airports, passport control, law enforcement etc.

RFID cards which was used for long time, has issues with being proxyed and hence cannot be used if the verification is important ( Eg. Access control to critical areas ) apart from the hassle of printing, distribution and dealing with lost/forgot to bring cases.

The alternative that was widely used to be finger print biometric which while was acceptable but came with its own set of problems, viz.. long time to recognize ( 4 to 5 seconds ), dust, grease interferes, lot of false negatives ( not recognizing a person ) and still was prone to cheating.

But post Covid, the need for a contact less verification system became important and that has changed the adoption of Face Recognition and the need for an affordable and scalable solution has arisen. It has now become mainstream with deployments in from small to big enterprises, banks, construction and infrastructure companies and even at private homes, we are seeing adoption in even tier 2 and tier 3 towns.

Accuracy of Face Recognition , has now increased as companies improved their algorithm significantly and now a bunch of global companies whose Facial Recognition accuracy is very close to 100 %. For example, FaceTagr, our proprietary Face Recognition Algorithm has a NIST’s ( National Institute of Standards and Technology, Dept of Commerce, Govt of USA ) Facial Recognition Vendor Test Program – known as the gold standard for algorithm testing, ranked accuracy of 99.55 %.

At FaceTagr, we deal with a whole bunch of use cases such as time and attendance for offices, factories and distributed work force, examination verifications, education institutions etc. We have made Face Recognition into a trusted and reliable solution, that is easy to deploy and scale on a simple mobile device.

The coming of age of this AI based tool has already begun and we are sure we will be seeing even more widespread use cases for Face Recognition.

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