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Importance of reliable attendance in the Construction Industry

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

Construction and Infrastructure are considered the back bone of any economy and the segment is expected to grow at a CAGR of 9.5% during 2022-2026 in India and employs over 5 million people in its work force, mostly blue collared workers.

These projects tend to big, spread over a long periods and workers play an important role in completing the projects. Also, the industry has increased its investments in digital, as it prepares to shift toward connected construction capabilities. These technologies can help support initiatives such as smart cities, urban air mobility, and climate change programs and help enhance internal operational efficiencies, reduce costs, and improve margins.

But some of the problems this industry faces with labour and result in revenue leakage and operational inefficiencies are :

1. Time theft such as buddy punching, over time recording etc.

2. Collecting manual attendance data from multiple sites and processing is tedious and sometimes even takes a month to process the payroll for workers and temporary staff, resulting in labour dissatisfaction.

3. Due to lack of formal hiring and employee churn in middle of projects, maintaining statutory compliance such as PF, ESI records for workers who frequently quit and show up with no id.

4. Employees rostering, due to teams shifting from project site to project sites frequently.

5. No overall picture of work force deployments , absenteeism, skill distribution across sites in real time, for quick decision making.

Currently a large chunk of contractors and main bidders in this industry barring a few exceptions deploy manual records, across multiple locations .

While much of the relief from the above problem can be solved by implementing an HRMS with Attendance management, the core issue is resolving the issue at the very beginning of the process map, viz. the reliability, trustworthiness and real time accessibility of the biometric data from the sites. The factors to consider are

1. How accurate is the data – Eliminate proxying, location integrity, eliminate false negatives and work accurately in all types of conditions.

2. Can it be scaled quickly and economically

3. Can the system be deployed in remote sites where internet is not available or scarce

4. How easy is to register, transfer and deploy at multiple sites.

5. No special maintenance required, or any failure of device can be easily managed, does not stop its functioning.

The solution should include an easy way of registering attendance in an accurate and fool proof manner, be deployed with no or minimal hardware, should work offline, should be managed centrally and should integrate in real time seamlessly with downstream applications.

At FaceTagr, we have created an attendance capture specifically designed to meet this criteria and is used by many top industries and government agencies across multiple locations.

FaceTagr’s Connected worker solution use Face Recognition, with an advanced passive spoof detection and geo fence location spoofing detecting system, that can be deployed as an App,on a simple android mobile phone ! Its Face Recognition works offline, can store up to 50,000 Face images and also register faces offline. It can either be used in a separate tablet/ mobile or just be deployed on the supervisor’s phone, eliminating hardware cost at site completely. What’s more, since it works on standard Android devices, in case of any failure, the app can be downloaded on another Android device and it will continue to work smoothly without any disruptions.

FaceTagr’s proprietary Face Recognition Algorithm has a NIST’s ( National Institute of Standards and Technology, Dept of Commerce, Govt of USA ) Facial Recognition Vendor Test Program – known as the gold standard for algorithm testing, ranked accuracy of 99.55 %. So the attendance capture is fool proof, which ensures that all the other upstream processes such as payroll processing etc. reflect ground facts.

It can be managed centrally and workers can be uploaded in bulk and can also register faces at site without internet, assign geo fences to multiple workers and change their locations easily, and integrates seamless over the cloud with other HRMS/Payroll applications.

In case required, with our partners, we offer complete solutions which include, Leave management, holiday calendar management, shift and rostering etc. which completely takes care of all your payroll processing, which is quick, reliable and easy.

Face Recognition is especially useful to quickly fetch statutory records, when a worker returns to work after absenteeism and does not have his previous identities with him and also to identify and deny any workers who have been blacklisted in any of previous projects.

If you would like to know more about us, visit us www. or email us

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