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Buddy Punching- How to ensure Productivity & Efficiency in Infrastructure/ Construction Industries

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

For organizations, whose 80 % of work force are in project sites, the biggest challenge is ensure their staff are present in those locations, have reported for work in time, and if they are indeed present in the work location.

Buddy punching is where one employee asks a colleague to sign in or out of a site for him. It is also called proxying and is quite rampant in places where workers, especially contract workers are paid by hours worked .The sad truth is that sometimes supervisors are also part of this, which means it is almost impossible to know what are the actual hours an employee has worked and they are paid for hours for which they have not worked.

Revenue leakage, due to buddy punching alone is known to be in range of 7 % of profits, worldwide. It also comes with an inherent disadvantage if you do not know exactly which employees and how many are in a site, which is important if there is an emergency evacuation in the face of a site disaster.

Most infrastructure and construction companies still use paper sign sheets which are time consuming to collate, delays and loss in transit of paper work and makes it easy for buddy punching.

Finger print biometrics solve this to a certain extent, but given the working conditions with dust, grease etc. if one employee touches the scanner with an greased finger, it will result in errors for the next 10 employees. It is also still possible to spoof the system.

At FaceTagr, we ensure that with advanced Facial Recognition with passive anti spoofing and geo-fencing, it is almost impossible for one person to impersonate another and at the location they are supposed to be, ensuring the trust worthiness and reliability of the attendance data. Furthermore, it works offline so it can be used in remote work places, and can be used on the supervisor’s phone, thus eliminating the need for additional hardware for multiple sites.

When your work force is distributed and ensuring their presence at their location is giving you headaches, we have the perfect solution for you. visit us www. or email us!

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