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Our Features

Powered by accurate and fast face recognition that can work without internet. FaceTyck provides different geo-fencing for specific infrastructure needs, anti-gps spoofing to prevent potential GPS spoofing. The platform provides an easy way to on-board, distribute, monitor and manage the workforce centrally. 

To meet the needs of large enterprise, FaceTyck is an simple to enrol employees in bulk centrally or locally with a single photograph, can be deployed in an Android device which eliminates hardware cost of special devices and simple maintenance, with  built-in redundancy due to interoperability between devices,  easy to rollout with no installation, transfer employees between locations and projects and integrate with other solutions easily using RESTFul APis.

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Face Recognition

FaceTyck is powered by FaceTagr's accurate and fast video-based face recognition algorithm.  Face Recognition can work online or offline and without depending on the internet.

It can enroll faces on offline mode.

FaceTagr is tested and bench-marked to have an accuracy of 99.58 % in the FRVT ( Face Recognition Vendor Test ) a gold standard for testing algorithms, which is conducted by US Government's National Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST)  

Globe geofence.PNG


  • FaceTyck provides multiple Geofencing options viz. Radius, Line or Polygon, Fencing or Proximity geofencing.

  • Set geofence coordinates and FaceTyck can verify within that Geofence.

  • Geo-fencing ensures the location integrity of the person verified-either it's an office, factory or construction site.



Time theft is a major source of revenue loss and buddy punching is especially so. Finding who is trying to cheat provides an insight on whom the monitoring should be focused on. With advanced proprietary anti-spoofing methodologies, FaceTyck  recognizes who is trying to spoof, with photograph, video or laptop and sends an alert to the respective admin with a photograph of the person and the proof of attempt. It also guards against spoofing of GPS.


Smart Analytics

Multi-hierarchical structure for centralized monitoring. Workforce by site can be tracked real-time along with their geo- location. Various reports and dashboards such as Time at work, first in and last out, cross-day work, and every instance of the workforce verifying themselves on FaceTyck provides trusted data and analytics not just for automating the payroll but also provides KPIs related to workforce management and provides a real time insight of skill deployment across sites and projects.  

 All reports are downloadable as .xls and .pdf.


Full API Integration

  • With RESTful APIs for registration and results, third-party software such as Payroll, HRMS can integrate seamlessly.

  •  Readily available API Documentation for easy integration across different platforms

  • Typically it takes a day to integrate  FaceTyck APIs into third party software.

  • Currently integrated with MyAdrenaline, ZingHR, TimeCheck, Wipro HRMS.

Email Reports

  • FaceTyck can be set to send automated reports to specific people in management.

  • The reports can be sent as  .xls or .pdf.

  • The time intervals can be pre-set for the emails so that the data reaches the management to take decisions on the fly with authentic data. 

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