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FaceTyck provides Staff Attendance & Visitor Management solutions based on Face Recognition Technology for identity verification.

The secure solution is powered by FaceTagr and provides centralised management of all identity registrations. A RESTful API is also provided  for seamless integration with third party software. Facetyck is sleek, agile and built for businesses on the fast track. Replacing legacy access control  and fingerprint attendance systems have never been easier.

Built on a revolutionary D-I-Y model, Facetyck is India’s #1 and loved by over 500 businesses worldwide.

One-click freedom from conventional Biometric Attendance Systems
Let your staff & visitors know that you care
App-based staff & visitor on-boarding
No need for queues & long cumbersome hours to register people
Turnkey large-scale installations for Enterprise-level Businesses
End-to-end & comprehensive execution by FaceTyck Experts

Did you know?

Facetyck works locally within the device, syncs real time across multiple locations and works even with 2G connectivity to publish reports.

Powered by FaceTagr, the Facial Recognition platform trusted by various Government Agencies.

Works on Android Tablets

Easy Local Deployment

Easy API Iintegration with
third-party apps

Works on existing Magnetic
Doors, Turnstiles, etc.

Comprehensive Staff &
Visitor Management

Custom & Comprehensive
Dashboards and reports

Suitable for Small/ Medium
Businesses who need quick single or
multiple access point solutions

Works on Staff’s own Smartphones; No other hardware required

Attendance verified based on location integrity & Facial Recognition.

Works even on 2G level connectivity

No Staff queuing during peak hours

One click enrolment of all employees, geo-fencing (Beacon) & GPS tracking

Integrated with access control.

Available in Android and iOS

Suitable for large enterprises that require pan-site, geo-fenced implementation

FaceTyck is easy to install & manage!


Why FaceTyck?

FaceTyck is a cutting edge, AI based Time and Attendance system which is far superior to conventional antiquated Facial Recognition based systems in the market today. Even though, most attendance system use Facial Recognition, only FaceTyck has addressed every aspect of the user experience and is truly an Enterprise class offering. It is slick, smart, accurate, quick to deploy, user friendly, economical and can work well for a small organisation while it can scale up quickly for a multisite global organisation working on different time zones. 

With FaceTyck BYOD, with each employee using their own phones for marking attendance, queues in front of the device is completely avoided thus offering true social distancing. This is a unique First in class offering possible only with FaceTyck.

Our pricing makes it attractive for users who want to quickly get going with the restart of their operations

Here is a comparison on how FaceTyck scores on all counts.   

FaceTyck FAQs

What is FaceTyck?

FaceTyck is an Android tablet/ phone based Facial Recognition biometric identification system powered by FaceTagr’s powerful Facial Recognition engine which is proudly “ Made in India “ product. For more details please visit:

How can it be used?

FaceTyck identifies a person registered within a second and can be used for time & attendance tracking, access controls such as controlling doors and turnstiles and visitor management. 

Where can it be used?

Face Recognition is a great way to instil in your staff that you are a futuristic company, set that perspective to your visitors that you are a 21st century organization while reaping the benefits of staff attendance, visitor management. 

It can be used whereever any type of identification is used. It can be used in Clubs, Schools, Hospitals, Retail Stores & Malls, Offices, Factories.

How is FR better than other biometrics?


Coronavirus can spread through these sensors. 

They also come with operational challenges such as: 

  • They don’t work if someone touches it with oil or grease or water. 
  • Some systems in the market are slow to process and takes up to 5 seconds per person. 
  • Prone to problems in dust
  • No way to verify whether a staff actually used the system and the system not capturing. 
  • Not possible to implement for visitor entry
  • Difficult to use for temporary staff

RFID Card Readers

  • Problems with proxies
  • Wear and Tear of the Card
  • Process to loss and replacement of cards. People tend to forget to bring cards. 
  • Manual process to deal with visitors and difficulty in collecting the cards

Face Recognition is a powerful biometric works on cutting edge technology. It is contactless, instant and doesn’t depend on any external accessories except the human face. Face Recognition does not have any of these problems and provides a very secure environment.

How accurate is it?

Our Global accuracy score is 99.4 %. It will identify everyone and that’s a guarantee.

Are there issues around privacy for Facial Recognition?

Every organization collects photographs from its employees or members. There are no privacy issues if these are used for Facial Recognition, if the employee’s consent is taken. All member data is stored locally within the employee’s phone or on the tablet. 

Does FaceTyck track employees location all the time, in case it is installed in their smartphones ( BYOD) ?

FaceTyck BYOD, when installed on employees phones, checks their location coordinates ONLY while using the App, which is when the employee is taking his attendance. It does not allow them to take attendance if they are not in their authorised location ( Office, Warehouse, Factory etc ). It does not track their location at any other time.

How do I register employees/members?

Registering people for face recognition is very easy. People need not go to the device to register. Registration can be done centrally. 

A passport like photograph – a good resolution, recent straight photograph with a plain background like in a passport of ID Card is good enough. 

Employee photographs along with employee number, name, department etc. can be added in our secure portal with ease. There are options for bulk onboarding of staff as well. 

How can we deploy it?

FaceTyck on Tab

FaceTyck on Tab can be deployed in an easy to install DIY method. It typically takes less than 30 minutes.

Here are the steps involved:

  • Buy licenses  on the portal.
  • We will send you specification of the hardware to be bought.
  • You can buy it on the market or we can ship it to you.
  • We will also send you the steps  to Download our App and install it.
  • Activate the App with the OTP provided.
  • Use our secure web login to register your employee data along with their photograph.
  • Open FaceTyck App and you are ready to go!
  • Connect the tab to local Wi-Fi for accessing reports, or download it directly from the tablet using USB.FaceTyck BYOD ( Bring Your Own Device )

FaceTyck can be deployed on the each employees’ smart phone and used for tracking their attendance. 

Here are the steps involved:

  • Buy licenses  for all employees on the portal. Upload  your employees photographs (like the ones in an ID card) and other relevant details needed you would like on our secured portal. Or we can connect to your database using our APiIs. 
  • Employees are sent links to download App along with their OTPs. 
  • Download, install the app, use the OTP provided. They are ready to mark their attendance.
  • They show the face to the app during entry and exit to mark their attendances. 
  • They are instantly verified and  reports on the app confirm that the verification is done and attendance marked 

What is the hardware required to run it?

For FaceTtyck on TAB

  • Tablet/ phone
  • Device mount.
  • Programmable socket (Optional)

For FaceTtyck BYOD

  • No hardware required. It works on employees’ smart phone.

How can I integrate to my systems?

FaceTyck provides easy to integrate RESTful APIs with documentation through which the identified person’s unique IDs are sent to third party software (HR/Payroll etc.)

What are the reports and dashboards available?

FaceTyck comes with the following reports and dashboards:

  1. Attendance report with faces captured
  2. FILO Report
  3. Punctuality Report
  4. Overtime Report

What is the support provided?

FaceTyck provides remote business support during standard business hours. Support requests can be logged through the portal and will be assisted over chat, email.

Packages are available for advanced support. Please contact for more options.

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