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Stop time theft due to unreliable attendance

Trusted face attendance on mobile for automated data for payroll & workforce monitoring. 

NIST Face Recognition Bench-marked Global Top 1% Accuracy                     Accurate GPS Location Tracking

Offline Face Recognition with Patent Pending Cutting Edge Anti-Spoofing

How it Works

Meet FaceTyck all-in-one solution for organizations with multiple site locations

A one-stop solution that tracks attendance on smart phone or tablet across your locations

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Oil & Gas

Face Attendance

Cheating Prevention



Easy to deploy across sites, FaceTyck brings digitization, accountability, centralization, payroll data automation and real-time monitoring of your deployed workforce.

Why FaceTyck

Put FaceTyck to work. Invest your time where it's needed


Easy setup

Set it up once, and you're good to go. No hassle or code required.

A very flexible system to adapt to all your needs to group, transfer, set locations. Easy to use interfaces are provided for anytime adjustments.

Central Management

Hierarchical dashboard and reports for centralized monitoring. Add your workforce centrally or on site.

Attendance without internet

Data sync happens when internet is available. Store 60 days of attendance on device.

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Geo-fencing & Anti-spoofing

Advanced unmatched location boundaries and cheating prevention


Sensor based geo-fencing up to 2 feet

Anti-spoofing to prevent attendance with photo/ video

Anti-GPS Spoofing to prevent spoofing of location


From API integrations to powerful analytics - FaceTyck has it all.

Easy to register or integrate results with any third party software. Reporting for all the attendance needs from FIFO to overtime calculations. 



The latest from FaceTyck

Our Clients

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Our Clients

Why companies like FaceTyck?

AirAsia India was looking for a Facial Recognition System solution to meet our needs and Facetagr fit the bill perfectly. Appreciate your Team's professional approach to understand our requirements, Design, Deliver, and Deploy.


Deployment, the accuracy of recognition, support team, who worked Independently ensuring was a key and critical points of this deployment.


Overall Value Creation, with an attitude to provide excellent service, are clear differentiators.

Mr. Sivakumar Palani

Head Innovation, Commercial  & Technology

AirAsia India Pvt. Ltd. India.

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